Smoked Potato Soup

Lately I have heard people on the internet talking about potato soup. It has come up in many of the groups I am in. I was reminded of years ago when I worked at a cafe and would gorge on creamy potato soup. I haven’t had anything like that in years, so I set up to create a similar soup. I know it is summer as I write this but this is perfect anytime of the year – though I suspect this will be a go to recipe once the winter comes or even the cool fall evenings.  Also a hearty comfort soup when you aren’t feeling 100%.

Ingredients :

4 Cups of Potatoes – Large cut in quarters, medium cut in half,  and min potatoes not cut at all. I use a mix of sizes or whatever I have on hand

1/4 cup raw cashews

3 Cups Plant Milk

2 TBSP Coconut Butter/Mana (pureed coconut) (optional)

3 TBSP Nutritional Yeast

1 medium onion diced (about 3/4 cup)

6 cloves garlic minced

1 cup veggie broth

3 TBSP smoked paprika


Set Instapot on “Soup” for 30 minutes. Leave lid off while you prepare the recipe so the Instapot will already be hot once you start it.

Chop the ingredients and put  into Instapot pot. Close lid and make sure you turn the steam valve to the “sealing” position.

After the 30 minutes you can do a quick release. Open the valve to the “venting” position. Once all the pressure is let off you can open the lid.

Set aside about half of the potatoes. Pour everything else into a blender. Blend until the consistency you like. Add the whole pieces of potato back in and serve. At this point, if you are not ready to eat right away,  you can transfer it into a slow cooker or even back into the Instapot on the “Keep Warm” setting.

When serving you can top with fresh dill, more smoked paprika or coconut bacon!

My 18 month old loves this soup, mostly dips a nice whole food plant based bread into it and devours it. My Omni partner also likes this soup.

Allow to cool completely and store in airtight containers in the fridge for 5 days or the freezer for 6 weeks.

For more information on the Nutrition Content of Potatoes click here

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